History & Legend

Go back in time to a monastery, a fortress, a port and a family home. Stand on the heart-shaped cobblestone and feel the heartbeat of the mythical giant of the Mount. Legend says the giant used to wade ashore and steal cattle, until one night he was lured into a pit and slain. According to another legend – a vision of the Archangel St Michael appeared in the year 495 to fishermen. Marvel at the church built on the summit of the island after the Norman invasion, when St Michael’s Mount was granted to the Benedictine Abbey of Mont St Michel in France.

Things to See & Do

They welcome groups of all ages and interests to St Michael’s Mount and with so much to see and do, including a seasonal events programme, there’s something for everyone. Inside the Castle walls Climb the cobbled pathway to a fairytale castle that peers out to sea and witness architecture dating back to the 12th Century. Discover the intricate plaster frieze in the Chevy Chase room, armour and weapons in the Garrison Room and the lantern cross in the priory church. Meet the St Aubyn family in a series of portraits and set your sights on spectacular views from the castle turrets.

The Gardens

Infuse your senses with colour and scent in the sub-tropical garden that basks in the mild climate and salty breeze. Clinging to granite slopes the terraced beds tier steeply to the ocean’s edge, boasting tender exotics from Mexico, the Canary Islands and South Africa. Romantics can hunt down the Medicago plant that came to the island in the wedding bouquet of the first Lady St Levan, and garden enthusiasts can buy a living piece of paradise to take home from Plant Sales.

Shopping & Eating

Whether it’s a summer treat or a winter warmer, the Sail Loft and Island Café cater for all tastes and occasions. You can tuck into a cream tea or a Cornish pasty at the Island Café or alternatively visit the Sail Loft for delicious home cooked food and select from handpicked Newlyn crab landed fresh across the bay, homebaked cakes, and enjoy local cheeses and homemade chutneys. Whether it’s a gift to take home, or a treat for yourself, visit the Island Gift Shop or the Courtyard Shop for unique crafted objects, accessories, Cornish produce and their very own range of bespoke gifts.

Village and Harbourside

Visit a living island community where the harbour-side village is a hive of activity every day. In its heyday as a busy tin and copper port, the island population swelled to three hundred and by 1811, there were fifty three houses, four streets, three schools and three public houses – the last one, the St Aubyn Arms, closing in 1902. Barge House Located on the harbour front, the Barge House provides valuable insight into the Mount’s history and geography, and is also accessible for people who are unable to make the climb to the castle.