A considerable amount of people now have a wide variety of dietary choices and lifestyles, be it dairy free, gluten free, meat free or all of the previously mentioned. The number of people who now eat a fully vegan diet in the UK alone for example has risen 700% in the past 2 years, bringing the total to about 3.5 million people! For people who are wholly health concerned or stand by their ethical reasoning St Ives has definitely been keeping up to date with the times and the rising tides of people who ask and want that little more variety on their menus when eating out or on the go.

Many of the Sandy Toes team follow the above mentioned dietary choices themselves so we have put together some of our absolute favourite places to either grab our lunches when working in the town or when we go out to eat as a team in order to please everyone’s different palettes.

For many people travelling to Cornwall, be it their first time or their 7th, the first thing they think about sampling is a traditional Cornish pasty. Originally the filling consists of turnip, onion, potato and skirt of beef. An immediate turn off for Vegans, Vegetarians and Pescatarians a like. However, Cornwall’s oldest bakery “Warren’s Bakery” and our personal favourite pasty makers make 4 different vegan pasties. A green thai, a fiery mexican, a winter vegetable (winter months) and an original vegan pasty containing everything a traditional pasty does excluding beef. They also make a traditional gluten free pasty and a cheese and onion.

Being an avid burger lover shouldn’t just be reserved for those who love a double cheese beef burger or a chicken and bacon deluxe. Gone are the days of going to a burger bar and only being able to eat the fries and lettuce leaves. “The Hub Box” and “Blas Burger Works” make both adventurous and delicious veggie burgers. For our pescetarian friends, the Hub offers 3 fish burgers; the Sea Dog, the Mack Daddy and the Soft Shell Crab. For the veggies and vegans the Hub offers 4 burgers; the Kernel Chipotle, the Mr Fun Guy, the Fakin’ Bacon and the Big cheese. My personal favourite is the Fakin’ Bacon, a squash & black bean patty with vegan BBQ mayo, vegan bacon, dairy free cheese and shredded lettuce. They also have gluten free buns, just ask!

If you want a little spice in your meal as well as your life, The Thai restaurant “Talay” on the Wharf is the place to eat. A tapas menu with vegetable spring rolls, tempura veg and sum tum. Main meals consisting of green curry, red curry, chilli stir fry, nam mon hoi and a selection of different flavoured stir fried noodles.

If you’re a breakfast enthusiast or just like the option to eat breakfast at any time of the day, “The Scoff Troff” is the place for you. An all day breakfast suited for everyone’s needs, whether you love a hearty vegetarian full english including hash browns, veggie sausages, eggs or scrambled tofu (the sausages are also gluten free!) or a super healthy granary toast with avocado, spinach, poached eggs or scrambled tofu.

For all of the pescatarians and fish lovers alike there are many seafood restaurants in St Ives. Offering fresh, local produce that was caught and sourced by Cornish fisherman just a stones throw away from where you’ll be eating. A couple of the most popular ones include “The Seafood Cafe” and “The Mermaid”. From sea bass fillets to coquilles st jaques, the menus are extensive and plentiful. The Mermaid also offers a vegetarian thai curry, so somewhere to take everyone.